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With Naturopathic Hypnotherapy™, change can be easy – and fast. Most of my clients achieve their goals within 3 to 5 sessions (which can be conducted via phone or in person).

The program consists of two parts.

Part One: The Interview (on the phone or in person)

Naturopathic Hypnotherapy™ begins by identifying the challenge you want to overcome – and even more important, the results you want. We’ll discuss the types of outer results you want to see, as well as the inner shifts you want to make. The root causes of a problematic behavior may include past events that caused emotional or physical trauma which can create deep, unconscious, paralyzing fears. Other causes may be self-limiting thoughts, negative behaviors that undermine your efforts to achieve greater success, and even beliefs that were communicated while growing up in your family.

The beauty of Naturopathic Hypnotherapy™ is that you don’t have to figure out the root causes of your problematic behaviors. Just let go … and the hypnotherapy process will naturally transform the way your mind thinks about the issue.

Part Two: The Naturopathic Hypnotherapy Audio

listenAfter your interview, I will create a customized, hypnotic therapeutic audio recorded specifically to help you address your issue. The audio will be 22 to 25 minutes in length. It will be delivered in whatever format works for you – AAC, MP3 or even CD – and should be listened to each day.

Listening to the hypnotic recording will not only be a major stress reliever, it will also put you into a very relaxed, meditative alpha state. When your mind is in an alpha state, it is much more receptive to the planting of seeds of behavioral change, new attitudes, new reactions and new ways of being – which means you see more dramatic changes in less time.


You’ll be amazed at how your behavior and attitudes will change, sometimes dramatically and sometimes slowly but surely. I typically get results with people in 3 to 5 sessions over the course of a couple of months. We may or may not make audios at other sessions. It just depends on what you need. More often than not, we make an additional audio.

Some of these audios handle your issues and you are complete with. Others will serve you for months or years to come.

Our sessions are conducted via telephone for maximum convenience. However, office visits are available if you’re in the Portland, OR, area.

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Make the changes you desire now with Naturopathic HypnotherapyTM

Yes you can, have the changes you so deeply desire. You are only hours away from making the transformation.

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